I am a multidisciplinary artist who explores the sense of time through digital and traditional art.
Time, like air, is such an ordinary and invisible substance that we do not even notice it. A continuous process of change over time. Every moment the object disappears and is born again. Energy, waves, and vibrations. I am trying to convey a sense of time through visuals, objects, and interactions.
NFT artist. VR enthusiast. Love generative art.
Contemporary Ukrainian artist Bohdan Svyrydov - black and white portraits. Photo by Garry Efimov

Photo: Garry Efimov

I born in the USSR – the country that is no longer exists. And grew up in an independent Ukraine. At the moment of the disintegration of the USSR, I was 7. For the boy of my age, it was unnoticed that one country has gone forever and something changed. Completely different it was for my parents, who felt all out this impact of a new reality. All their usual life have gone that moment and they had to find a new way to live in this uncommon reality. And only over the years did I realize how difficult it was for them. In Ukraine, everything around reminds of a past era that has gone. Abandoned buildings that have lost their purpose – symbols of a bygone era. Confused people that lost their faith. Lost in time.

My first experience of art was in a childhood when I and my father painted together. Of course, it wasn’t that kind of art as I mean now. But over years I still remember that feeling of deep delight and calmness when I painted.

I studied graphic design at University and after graduated began to work as a designer. Even though I was drawing all that time, it wasn’t my main occupation. Over time, I felt that design was limiting me. The design has strict borders, that art doesn’t. And even though the design is employed to solve people’s problems, I didn’t feel that I’m doing something really meaningful. I wanted to solve my own problems not someone else’s. I felt the need to create something that I want to, not the client or the so-called market. So I began to paint. Art became a kind of meditation for me. Finally, I felt the meaning of my life.

For me, an idea behind art plays the main role, and the medium is secondary. I work a lot with acrylic on canvas, but I also love digital mediums. For the “Lost in Time” project I made acrylic paintings, black and white photos, and videos, that support one main idea. For the “GAME” project, I combined my work with an artificial intelligence algorithm, obtaining an unusual and unpredictable result. For other projects, an object such as carpet or light bulbs worked better.



Dec 2020 – “Lost in Time” – Ukrainian Youth Center – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nov 2020 – “Waiting for the past” – Galery “Mystectvo” – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Nov 2020 – “Waiting for the past” – Virtual exhibition



May 2021 – “666Thursdays Edition #7” – Cryptoart exhibition – Cryptovoxels.

May 2021 – “Pole Maciv” – first Ukrainian Cryptoart exhibition – Unit.City – Kharkiv, Ukraine.

May 2021 – “Art Spaceship” – International virtual exhibition

May 2020 – “Two Dots” / https://bit.ly/2XNOY6g – Kyiv, Ukraine

Jan 2020 – “Art Palette” at “Kobzar” Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Nov 2019 – “Dialogues” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Sep 2019 – “Waves of a reality” at Modern Art Research Institute – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Aug 2019 – “Measure of silence” at Ternopil state art museum – Ternopil, Ukraine.

May 2019 – “Intermission” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Jan 2019 – “Young Artists Show” at “Kobzar” Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine. 

Nov 2018 – “Pink Bulldozer” – Odesa, Ukraine.

Oct 2018 – “Colors of Cherkasy” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Oct 2018 – “Dialogues” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Aug 2018 – “The Independence Day exhibition” at Exhibition Hall of National Artists Union – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Jul 2018 – “Akt Project” at Platforma art-factory – Kyiv, Ukraine.


Nov 2020 – “The Game” – a virtual art project (Mozilla Hubs).

Oct 2019 – “Dreamers” – Interactive public art – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Aug 2017 – “The mood of the city” – Interactive public art – Cherkasy, Ukraine.


Aug 2020 – Parajanov Festival  – Lviv, Ukraine.

Jul 2019 – International exchange programm NVAIR – Ukraine/Germany – Travneve, Ukraine.