“Time, like air, is both ordinary and invisible, making it difficult to grasp.”

Bohdan Svyrydov is a Ukrainian Neo-expressionist artist who creates captivating artworks characterized by bold, expressive brushstrokes and loose subtle drawings. The vibrancy of Bohdan’s color palette and appreciation for Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese concept that finds beauty in the imperfect, are hallmarks of his work. He explores the intersection of traditional art forms and modern technology, creating an artistic language that bridges the past and the future.

However, the essence of this creator’s work extends beyond style – it’s a deep exploration of the concept of time. The artist transforms the idea of time from a mere chronological measure to an abstract phenomenon that flexes with our experience. Bohdan imagines time as a mosaic of varied moments, each with its unique narrative, and conceptualizes time as a cultural narrative, leaving behind visual footprints that chart societal evolution.

Portrait of the artist Bohdan Svyrydov in the style of his artworks.



Aug 2023 – “Deep Dreamed Tales” – Street Gallery – Batumi, Georgia.

Dec 2020 – “Lost in Time” – Ukrainian Youth Center – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nov 2020 – “Waiting for the past” – Galery “Mystectvo” – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Nov 2020 – “Waiting for the past” – Virtual exhibition



Feb 2023 – “The Reason for a New Day” – Unforgotten inner home Canvas 3.0 gallery, Oculus Center, New York, USA.

Feb 2023 – “NFT Paris” – Transmorfism 00000001 – Ihamnft gallery, Paris, France.

Jun 2021 – “CADAF 2021“ – Red Valleyas part of V-Art platform.

May 2021 – “666Thursdays Edition #7” – Cryptoart exhibition – Cryptovoxels.

May 2021 – “Pole Maciv” – first Ukrainian Cryptoart exhibition – Unit.City – Kharkiv, Ukraine.

May 2021 – “Art Spaceship” – International virtual exhibition, V-Art platform.

May 2020 – “Two Dots” / https://bit.ly/2XNOY6g – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Jan 2020 – “Art Palette” at “Kobzar” Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Nov 2019 – “Dialogues” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Sep 2019 – “Waves of a reality” at Modern Art Research Institute – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Aug 2019 – “Measure of silence” at Ternopil state art museum – Ternopil, Ukraine.

May 2019 – “Intermission” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Jan 2019 – “Young Artists Show” at “Kobzar” Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine. 

Nov 2018 – “Pink Bulldozer” – Odesa, Ukraine.

Oct 2018 – “Colors of Cherkasy” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Oct 2018 – “Dialogues” at Cherkasy State Art Museum – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Aug 2018 – “The Independence Day exhibition” at Exhibition Hall of National Artists Union – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Jul 2018 – “Akt Project” at Platforma art-factory – Kyiv, Ukraine.


Feb 2023 – “Deep Dreamed Tales” – The Book (Amazon).

2021-2022 – “Deep Dreamed Tales” project – AI-generated poems and human-made drawings (read more).

Nov 2020 – “The Game” – a virtual art project (Mozilla Hubs).

Oct 2019 – “Dreamers” – Interactive public art – Cherkasy, Ukraine.

Aug 2017 – “The mood of the city” – Interactive public art – Cherkasy, Ukraine.


Jun 2023 – “Artist Launchpad” Accelerator program from MakersPlace.

Aug 2021 – “Anabasis” online residency program – Ukraine/Germany. Swiss-Knife-Man project

Aug 2020 – Parajanov Festival  – Lviv, Ukraine.

Jul 2019 – International exchange programm NVAIR – Ukraine/Germany – Travneve, Ukraine.