In the context of ‘Transmogrification’, this animation serves as a visual testament to the ceaseless flow of time, perceived through the metamorphosis of our surroundings. It encapsulates the perpetual process of evolution, a flawless representation of life’s cyclical nature, its growth, and its inevitable demise.


Time, akin to air, is an omnipresent yet invisible entity, often overlooked in its ordinariness. It’s a ceaseless symphony of change, where each moment births a new state of existence, only to let it vanish in the next. It’s a dance of energy, waves, and vibrations. This piece attempts to capture the essence of time through visual elements and interactions, offering a tangible representation of an otherwise intangible concept.


Published on KnownOrigin

Medium: Video, mp4, 00:32.

Size: 1024×1024px

Year: 2020