Lost in Time.
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Lost in time is about objects and people who have lost their past and cannot get into the future
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Ukrainian Youth Center, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The “Lost in Time” project is my attempt to capture the vague state of the world today with a visual medium. Uncertainty about the future. We live in a time of constant accelerated changes. There is nothing stable and clear, we can count on for a long time. Over and over again, I see examples of rapid changes that make the future more undetermined. Although there are tons of information available for everyone today, it seems just to make things worse.
The world today is in a permanent state of waiting on something to happen. We are waiting for artificial intelligence will come and take out people’s job. We are waiting for a new global economic crisis. We have a feeling that global warming will make a living on the Earth impossible really soon. We have a feeling that the next military conflict will become a third World war.
It is at the fingertips when you are in the epicentre of something unstable. When you live in a country, where the next election will dramatically change the overall course of the country for the next 4 years. Sometimes it seems that there is no defined course at all.
I was born in the USSR – the country that no longer exists. And grew up in independent Ukraine. At the moment of the disintegration of the USSR, I was 7. For the boy of my age, it was unnoticed that one country has gone forever and something changed. Completely different it was for my parents, who felt all out this impact of a new reality. All their usual life have gone that moment and they had to find a new way to make a living. And only over the years did I realise how difficult it was for them. It is still difficult. Every day they are trying to find a way to live in an unstable country.
In Ukraine, everything around reminds of a past that is gone. A lot of abandoned buildings that have lost their purpose. Symbols of a bygone era. Confused people that lost their faith. Lost in time. There is no clear vision of what comes next.
What tomorrow will look like? Nobody knows. The future reveals gradually. Step by step we are moving forward as in the thick fog. And see the clear answers only when came close to them.

“The personal project was prepared for six months and was expected to be presented in March in Kyiv and in May in Berlin, but the pandemic made its adjustments, and not surprisingly, it became even more relevant in the global lockdown. During the exhibition, we planned to discuss artistic reactions to the crisis in the framework of the international project “Transit Dialogue”, touching on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain and the transit generation of countries with a common past.
My mission as a curator is to make every artistic statement an occasion for deep insights and to show its value for critical thinking and the development of emotional intelligence.
An unclear future, confusion and a sense of uncertainty are the main messages of the project. Let everyone find themselves on the map of this world and empathize with it consciously.”
Lucy Nychai
Program Manager and Curator of the Nazar Voitovich Art Residence (NVAIR), Project Coordinator of the NGO Congress of Cultural Activists, Curator at-large Lite-Haus Gallery, Berlin.


The project is implemented in cooperation with the Congress of Cultural Activists, the Grand Narrative Institute and the Transit Dialogue project.
With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.



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