Lost in time – Photo 7

This series of photographs is a part of the “Lost in Time” project, capturing the essence of uncertainty and the unknown. The images depict the experience of navigating through a fog, a metaphor for our journey through an unclear future in a rapidly changing world.


Initially, the photographs were a personal exploration of the artist’s feelings. However, over time, it became apparent that this sense of uncertainty about the future was a global sentiment, echoed in events like the Venice Biennale 2019, themed “May you live in interesting times.”


The series was largely shot during foggy mornings in a valley by a river, a setting that perfectly encapsulated the project’s themes. The foggy landscapes, the dark water of the river, and the thick grass underfoot all contribute to the sense of stepping into the unknown, making these photographs a compelling exploration of the human experience in an unstable world.


Medium: Photo

Size: 4724 ×3543px

Year: 2019