§ 3.

Next day, I will let him
get his drink spoken and
write his life story on air.


The “Deep dreamed tales” project continues my co-creation experiments with AI algorithms. In earlier projects, the algorithm was just a tool in my hands that helped me to visualize an idea. This time, I gave the storytelling function to the GPT3 algorithm and have concentrated on visualizing the story it gave to me.


I love the loss of complete control over the result that generative art gives me. As in real life, we actually do not control everything that happens, although we may think so. All images in this series are united by a slight absurdity.


The process:
I fed the first phrase to the algorithm and made sure that the style of the result text looks like a story. I used generated text and drew this story. Text is an equal part of the artwork in this project, so I’m trying to give it a decent place in the piece. Although at the first glance, the text generated by the algorithm seems to be an ordinary block of the text, the algorithm does not cope well with the integrity and logic of a whole story so far. A few years later it will be funny to look at this time capsule of algorithmic language and laugh at how clumsy it has been then.

Tokenized digital drawing.
Published on the MakersPlace


Edition: 1 of 1

Medium: JPG.

Size: 4500 x 6000 px,

Year: 2021