‘Waiting for the past’ – solo show


“Waiting for the Past” is a solo gallery show that delves into the theme of uncertainty. Held at the Art Gallery Mystectvo in Ukraine, it features works from the “Lost in Time” series, created during 2019-2020. The series was inspired by the artist’s experiences in places seemingly lost in time and space and the awareness of abandoned areas within the city. The artworks lack clear shapes, instead featuring spots of color, like blurred objects in fog, symbolizing the uncertainty of the future. The artist’s encounters with foggy landscapes near their home further influenced the series. The onset of quarantine in Ukraine in 2020 added another layer of uncertainty to the work. However, by confronting this fear, the artist found the fog of the unknown future began to dissipate. “Waiting for the Past” invites viewers to reflect on their experiences of the past and present, and face the unknown future with renewed hope.


Visit the virtual version of the show