Digital drawings, AI-generated images, and animations.


‘The Game’ is a captivating exploration of co-creation between human artistry and artificial intelligence. Beginning with analog photos, the artist feeds them to an AI algorithm, expecting transformation. The initial results mirror the original, but the artist’s determination leads to a series of hand-drawn sketches layered onto the images. The AI responds to each move as a reflection of its understanding and replication. The process is repeated 10-15 times, a dance of creativity that evolves with each iteration. The final result is a mesmerizing blend of the familiar and the unexpected, where the landscape is both preserved and transcended. This project is more than a series of images; it’s a visual narrative that challenges the boundaries of creativity, offering a profound insight into the relationship between human intuition and machine learning. It’s a testament to the infinite possibilities that arise when tradition meets technology, a glimpse into a future where art is not confined by medium or method, but is instead a fluid and evolving dialogue.