It is a relay race where you are not allowed to lose the spark of flame. It ignites, later seems to go out completely, but everything repeats. Evolution has to continue. From darkness to the light and further. Later back to the dark, to nothing. As a real life.
I was looking for an image that could convey the essence of the cyclical nature of life, evolution and death. I like how the candle fire will light up, then almost completely extinguish. It seems that now the breeze will blow and only a trickle of smoke will remain in place of the wick. The fire is strong, all-consuming energy. If not stopped, he can cover all the space available to him. It reminds me of the process with which humanity is mastering our planet. But both fire and humanity can simply disappear in one unpredictable moment due to an unexpected factor.

This endless animation was generated with Artbreeder based on the GAN algorithm.
The sound is a part of my track – “Evolution” – created especially for this artwork.


Tools: Artbreader, Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Medium: Video, mp4, 00:24.

Size: 2048×2048px

Year: 2020