Lost in Time

The “Lost in Time” project is my attempt to capture the vague state of the world and uncertainty about the future with a visual medium. We live in a time of constant accelerated changes, that make the future more undetermined. It is at the fingertips when you are in the epicenter of something unstable. When you live in a country, where the next election will dramatically change the course of the country for the next 4 years. I born in the USSR – the country that is no longer exists. At the moment of the disintegration of the USSR, I was 7. For the boy of my age, it was unnoticed that one country has gone forever and something changed. Completely different it was for my parents, who felt all out this impact of a new reality. In Ukraine, a lot of things around reminds of a past that has gone. Abandoned buildings that have lost their purpose – symbols of a bygone era. Confused people that lost their faith. Lost in time. There is no clear vision of what comes next.

Waiting for the next bus that wouldn't come
Waiting for the next bus that wouldn’t come
The broken sun set the ground on fire
The broken sun set the ground on fire
Pink elephant in the china shop
Pink elephant in the china shop
The dream factory has stopped
The dream factory has stopped

Slowed by the sun

One day I went to an abandoned farm in the village. There was dark inside and smelled like hay. Through some holes in the roof, the light came inside. I was hidden from the rest of the world in this building. Time became slow and dense. I was feeling the time at the fingertips. In my mind surfaced memories from my childhood where I climbed a shed in the summer. The air was so dense, that it could be taken in a handful. At the end of the long roof was a small window, which opened a view on the garden. Everything seemed so bright through that window. It was like another world. Empty world, that waiting on you. And you, sitting quietly in the dark and just watching.


We all are living in a society, so we are interconnected. Through the series “Interconnected” I investigate the relationship between individuals in a society and the relationship of a person with itself under the influence of society. Even if, we count ourselves independent persons, it just means, we don’t notice the influence on us. The one-line continuous drawing of people’s faces and objects is a cornerstone element of this series. I use different symbols besides faces, to tell a full story.

And only shine of gold in their eyes – contemporary Ukrainian art - monoline faces and eyes on black and gold - Polyptych
And only shine of gold in their eyes
The silence of forever petrified - contemporary Ukrainian artwork - white monoline eyes and leaps on the blue and red
The silence of forever petrified
The boundary of hostility outside the realm of understanding - contemporary Ukrainian art - blue monoline faces on layered background.
The boundary of hostility outside the realm of understanding


In this series I work with the topic of expertise in the modern environment. The network has created millions of online experts on any issues. Everyone who has a desire and confidence can out-speak his instant opinion. This process shifted the weight of expertise from large institutions and dozens of persons to millions of individual leaders of opinion. Each event usually has two sides of one coin. We received more independent opinions and reduced the influence of dictatorship. But such a large number of independent thoughts makes it rather difficult to choose one thought that can be trusted. There is a high risk of becoming numb in the inability to choose the one truth.