Lost in Time

The ‘Lost in Time’ project tries to capture the essence of our uncertain and rapidly changing world. It’s a collection of paintings, photographs, and videos, each uniquely contributing to the narrative.

The videos show us a first-person perspective of constant movement through dense bushes, mirroring our journey through life’s uncertainties. The photographs capture foggy river mornings, presenting minimalist black-and-white landscapes that evoke a sense of solitude and introspection. The paintings, characterized by the extensive use of white paint reinforce the theme of uncertainty.

This project encourages viewers to reflect on their place in this uncertain world. It’s a mirror to our times, reflecting the feelings of confusion and anticipation that come with living in an era of rapid change. The use of fog as a recurring motif underscores the project’s central theme of uncertainty and the unknown. Moreover, the collection serves as a visual testament to the times we live in, and the heritage we received from the past generation. It makes ‘Lost in Time’ a compelling exploration of the human experience in an unstable world.

Waiting for the time that has long gone
Do we need a ball to play this game?
Pink elephant in the china shop
Pink elephant in the china shop
The broken sun set the ground on fire
The broken sun set the ground on fire
Waiting for the next bus that wouldn't come
Waiting for the next bus that wouldn’t come
The dream factory has stopped
The dream factory has stopped
Still waters keep the memory of past waves
Still waters keep the memory of past waves

Slowed by the sun

‘Slowed by the Sun’ invites viewers to step into a world where time is tangible and memories are as vivid as the colors on a canvas. This series of digital and physical paintings is a testament to the transformative power of light and the profound impact of solitude on the human spirit.

The project is born out of a deeply personal experience on an abandoned farm. The artist found himself in a space where the outside world was obscured, and time seemed to slow down, becoming almost palpable. This sensation of slowed time, of being hidden away from the world, is beautifully captured in each piece of the series.

The paintings are a study in contrasts, exploring the interplay between light and dark, the known and the unknown, the past and the present. The artist masterfully uses light as a narrative tool, guiding the viewer’s eye and evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue. The light, filtered through holes in the roof of the farm, becomes a metaphor for memories, moments of clarity piercing through the darkness of forgetfulness.

The series is imbued with a sense of nostalgia, a longing for the simplicity and innocence of childhood. The artist draws upon his childhood memories of observing the world from a safe distance, hidden away in a barn loft. This sense of being an unseen observer, of watching life unfold like a movie, is a recurring theme in the series.

The paintings are not just visual representations of a place or a moment in time, but a sensory experience. The artist’s use of color, texture, and composition evokes the smell of hay, the density of the summer air, and the quiet solitude of the farm. The viewer is not merely observing the art, but stepping into the artist’s shoes, feeling what he felt, and seeing what he saw.

‘Slowed by the Sun’ is an exploration of time, memory, and the human condition. It is a reminder of the beauty that can be found in solitude, the clarity that comes with introspection, and the transformative power of light. It invites viewers to slow down, observe, remember, and feel.


The Structures series is an exploration of the fluidity of time and the delicate balancing act of shifting focus between the present, past, and future. This series invites the viewer to consider the layers of time, as the act of focusing on one moment makes it challenging to see them all at once.

The words are just a noise and truth you will not hear
The words are just noise and truth you will not hear


We all are living in a society, so we are interconnected. Through the series “Interconnected” I investigate the relationship between individuals in a society and the relationship of a person with itself under the influence of society. Even if, we count ourselves independent persons, it just means, we don’t notice the influence on us. The one-line continuous drawing of people’s faces and objects is a cornerstone element of this series. I use different symbols besides faces, to tell a full story.

The silence of forever petrified - contemporary Ukrainian artwork - white monoline eyes and leaps on the blue and red
The silence of forever petrified
And only shine of gold in their eyes – contemporary Ukrainian art - monoline faces and eyes on black and gold - Polyptych
And only shine of gold in their eyes
Make the flies in a head to be silent - contemporary Ukrainian art - dripping white paint - layered. Large-scale art
Make the flies in a head to be silent
The boundary of hostility outside the realm of understanding - contemporary Ukrainian art - blue monoline faces on layered background.
The boundary of hostility outside the realm of understanding


In this series I work with the topic of expertise in the modern environment. The network has created millions of online experts on any issues. Everyone who has a desire and confidence can out-speak his instant opinion. This process shifted the weight of expertise from large institutions and dozens of persons to millions of individual leaders of opinion. Each event usually has two sides of one coin. We received more independent opinions and reduced the influence of dictatorship. But such a large number of independent thoughts makes it rather difficult to choose one thought that can be trusted. There is a high risk of becoming numb in the inability to choose the one truth.