Waiting for that day

This artwork is a part of the “Lost in time” project, which is my attempt to capture the vague state of the world and uncertainty about the future with a visual medium. It is at your fingertips when you are living in the epicenter of something unstable.
I born in the USSR – a country that is no longer exists. And grew up in an independent Ukraine. At the moment of the disintegration of the USSR, I was 7. For a boy my age, it was unnoticed that one country had gone forever, and something had changed. Here, in Ukraine, many things around remind me of a past time that has gone by. Abandoned buildings that have lost their purpose – symbols of a bygone era. Disconcerted people that lost their faith. Lost in time. There is no clear vision of what comes next.


Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 70x60cm

Year: 2019